35w Disposable Skin Stapler

Disposable Skin Stapler

The quality construction of this disposable skin stapler provides consistent and reliable performance. It fits comfortably in your hand to enhance control of skin closure. The angled head allows visibility of incision to ensure precise staple placement during operation. Comes preloaded with 35w sterile staples.

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100% cotton wool padding with non-woven cover for support and protection when wrapping legs, tendons, fetlocks and hocks. Conforming bandage wrap design helps prevent wrap from sticking to wounds.

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Pump ‘N Scrub™ Brush

Grooming Made Easy! The Pump ‘N Scrub™ Brush is great for hard to clean spots, body baths, western saddles, legs, tails and manes. Fill the reservoir with shampoo or liquid soap, press the top of the brush’s handle, and the soap comes out of the brush. It’s that easy!

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Stack Leg Injury Wrap Kit

Stack Wrap Kit

Complete leg injury wraps for bandaging front or hind legs. The newest technology in bandaging materials, tapes and adhesives are contained in this Stack Wrap Kit. Designed to be the most comfortable and safest bandages on the market.

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