Pump ‘N Scrub™ Brush

Pump 'N Scrub BrushGrooming Made Easy!

New Size and Design!

The Pump ‘N Scrub™ Brush is great for hard to clean spots, body baths, western saddles, legs, tails and manes.

Easy to use! The brush top opens up, and you fill the reservoir with shampoo or saddle soap. Press the top of the brush’s handle as you wash your horse or clean the detailed engraving on your western saddle. The shampoo is dispensed out of the bottom of the brush and directly onto what every you are cleaning. No more wasting shampoo or saddle soap.

Customer Reviews:
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“Wanted to let you know the Pump N’ Scrub Brush has made clean spots and grooming my horse much easier and I don’t waste shampoo. Very clever of you to put the shampoo in the brush, good job.”
– Maggie M.

Pump ‘N Scrub Grooming Brush — $9.99

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