*Up-Right® Anti-Cast Safety Strip

Up-Right Anti-Cast StripsThe UP-RIGHT® Anti-CAST Safety Strip Helps Your Horse to Help Itself

Proven Technology that Helps Most Horses Get to Their Feet by Themselves When “CAST,” Especially When Assistance is Not Available

The Up-Right® Strips are designed to give your horse the ability to gain leverage with its hoofs against the strips and push its body away from the wall. This enables most horses get to their feet on their own without your help, reducing the chance of injury.

  • Each Strip Is 3 Feet Long
  • Equipped with 4 Row Design for Anti-CAST Protection
  • Safe, Pliable & Durable Material

Up-Right Anti-Cast Strips on stall wallsThe strips are like the seat belts in your car. You hope you’ll never be in a situation where they are used for the purpose that they were designed, but when they are, they can save your life. The Up-Right® Strips offer the same safety net for your horse as the seat belts do for you.

  • 38% of horses get cast each year
  • 24% of cast horses face loss of life or of use by owner
  • 68% of cast injuries need veterinary care
  • 32% result in human injuries in helping a cast horse

Customer Reviews:
America’s Acres, Inc. is not responsible for any declarations made in customer reviews nor when products are used in ways not suitable to their purpose, such as in larger amounts or for a greater duration than recommended.

Review: “While this is a business letter, I just have to take a moment and comment on your products! We installed the Anti-Casting Strips in one of our run-ins last year after our best weanling managed to cast herself five times in the space of 3 months! I’m happy to report we haven’t found her down and cast even once since then! (and we are once again sleeping through the night)”
– Lindsay B.
Review: “The Strips work great. Last night one of our 2 year old fillies got cast and was able to get to her feet on her own using the Strips. If it were not for the up-right strips help, she would have possibly been injured and would not have made it to the Select TB Sales. Every box stall should have them.” – James K.  Trainer

Up-Right Strips® Needed Per Stall Wall*:

10ft Wall = 3 Strips
12ft Wall = 4 Strips
15ft Wall = 5 Strips

*Hardware included is for wood wall stalls.
Hardware is available for other type stall walls for a small fee.
Volume pricing.
Call for details US – 888-250-5151 outside US 1-475-206-2058

Up-Right® Anti-Cast Safety Strip — $72.00 per 3 foot strip

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