Mineral Soak™

Mineral SoakDead Sea Salt Mineral Soak
For Horses, Pets & People

For over 2,000 years, people have been using Dead Sea mud & salt. Our MineralSoak™ is proven relief for body aches. Relieves muscle soreness and extracts heat from joints and body parts.

Warm Water Bath Soaks relieves bad backs, shoulders, knees, neck and ankles.

  • Will Reduce Recovery Time By 30% In Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Relieves Aches, Muscle Soreness & Fatigue
  • 100% NATURAL!

Contains Ocean Minerals 

  • Improved Circulation
  • Vital Energy & Cell Metabolism

Customer Reviews:
America’s Acres, Inc. is not responsible for any declarations made in customer reviews nor when products are used in ways not suitable to their purpose, such as in larger amounts or for a greater duration than recommended.

“I used your Mineral Soak for my 11 year old son’s Asthma as my friend suggested. He has a terrible Asthma problem. After breathing in the steam for the hot water and mineral soak for 2 minutes he was amazingly better for the whole day. The good thing about this situation is on his bad day he can use the mineral treatment and reduce the medications he now uses. This is a Very good natural alternative for him.”
– Cleo C, Topeka, OH

Mineral Soak

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