AnimalPoultx™ Antiseptic Poultice Dressing

AnimalPoultxA Protected Equine™ Product

For external use on horses and dogs.

  • Veterinary Hot, Cold or Dry Wound & Injury Dressing
  • Premium Cotton Wool with an External Protected Backing
  • Protective Thick Cotton Wool Padding
  • Non-Woven Cover Design Helps Prevent it from Adhering to Wounds.
  • Conforms to Any Area

Ingredients: BORIC ACID 2.9g, Tragacnth 6.04g

Wrap Dressing Size: 16″ x 8″ in. (40 cm. x 20 cm.)
Hoof Pad Size: 6 in.

AnimalPoultx™ Antiseptic Poultice Dressing                     OUT OF STOCK

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