ElastoWrap Lightweight Adhesive Tape

Elasto-WrapThe Safest Elastic Adhesive Conforming Tape on the Market Today

Specially Designed Not to Pull on or Remove Hair from the Wrapped Area

Used in Vet Hospitals & in Breeding, Stud, Racing & Show Farms Around the World

  • Increases Air Flow by 70% for a Shortened Recovery Time
  • Reduces the Risk of Constricting Blood Flow
  • Helps in Reducing Edema
  • Very Comfortable to Wear
  • Water Resilient
  • Durable Woven Cotton Base
  • Non-Slip Compression Support
  • More Comfortable to Wear During Recovery
  • Easily Tears by Hand in Any Direction

Extra Long Size: 4 in. x 7.5 Yds. (10.2cm x 6.88m)

Elasto-Wrap Lightweight Conforming Tape 4 in x 7.5 yd — $9.95

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