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Hott Wash

This is just what we needed in our barn. Hot Water bahts for our horses and dogs. And this electric hott wash is the way to go. We had a propane unit and we returned it to the catalog we purchased from because it was way tooooo dangers. It was like having my horse next to a gas cooking grill.   Now everyone in the barn wants to us my hott wash all the time. great product.   Sahara  Decker, PA


We purchased the Hott Wash unit 8 gallon and it is the best money we have ever spent on our horses. They like the warm water baths at the barn and when we trail ride….


Becky Thomson, High Hill Quarter Horses


Thank you so much for your quick delivery of our portable [Hott Wash] hot water heater. It came just in time as we had a foal last night and it came in very handy! Thanks again for all your help!

Trish Regard
Thoroughbred Racing, Breeding & Sales, KY


I do want to say how much I have used the Hott Wash that I purchased last year. It has been a very helpful tool at the barn. We have bathed the cows, horses, my truck, the trailer and the dog that likes to roll in the green stuff in the dead of winter. Thanks again.

Linda L. Preble
OQHA/AQHA Recreational Ride
Beavercreek, Oregon 97004


Hello, we want to tell you all how wonderful the Hott Wash is. We have used it for the horses and we know they appreciated the warm water bath. Also, we have used it for the dogs and they enjoy any water. The warm water is easy on us too, as now we all don’t freeze! We tell everyone about our portable hot water and we really are enjoying it. Thank you for all of your help and have a great day.

Thank you again,

Daniel and Roberta


I’ve enjoyed your 2.5gal Hott Wash for about 6-7 years.

Thank you,

Lunn C.


Hello Ralph / Mary,

I have sent my warranty card via email, I will send it by post at the moment I can’t walk far, I had accident 6 years ago damage my spine, I have used my Hott Wash. It is fantastic.

Thank you so much



Hi, I spoke with you yesterday about a Hott Wash that suddenly stopped heating. The reset was indeed tripped, and the unit is functioning perfectly again.

This is a great product. I loaned it to friends last year when their house water heater failed, to tide them over until it could be replaced. They were delighted with its performance. Thanks again.

Cathy Feltych, Bobcat Hill Thoroughbred Sport Horses


Very happy with the [Hott Wash] unit definitely a good answer to having Hot Water baths for horses & cleaner buckets. Overall I am very happy with this product and would say that it is very useful around the barn. A+

By Girlie from Campbell Hall, NY


Hi Mary

Thank-you ever so much for the instructions; my horses loves the Hott Wash too!

Thank you,

Diana Reed

HW 95 Heavy Duty Power Sprayer

We have 4 horses and 5 dogs and I am dropping you a note to let you know that this [HW 95 Heavy Duty Power] Sprayer has made life easier in disinfecting our Barn & Kennels. We just realize we can also use it with the Hott Wash heater. Thanks for giving us more time to ride.

Scott H. CA


Can you please let me know a dealer near us in Richmond VA that sells your portable HW95 Power sprayer? A friend has one and loves it for cleaning her dog kennels, Truck and horse trailer.


Becky Thomson, High Hill Quarter Horses

Mineral Mud & Mineral Soak

this mineral mud is great on our polo pony’s. it takes the stocking up in the front legs down every time.  we had a great older mare with a sore back so we would not rider her much. Now after 4 days of putting the Mud for 2 hour twice a day. She is so much better. and we maintain her with the mineral mud after we ride her. She is never sore plus she is off bute completely. Great Great Products. p.s. every vet item of your we use we love.

 Erin Marco  Santa Barbara, CA   

Wow, your Mineral Mud worked amazing on my mares swollen knee. Even my Vet was  very impressed and has started to use it on other horses and dogs.

Kendel Cross, Ohio

We have given the [Mineral Mud] the test the last 3 weeks in 4 rodeo runs a week. The mud is great and several people have asked about it. This is an item that the Rodeo world needs. We would like to talk to you about representing your product.

Courtney Ford
Kersey, CO


While I was in Queensland I took time out to call on my brother Chris, who is a professional thoroughbred horse trainer based in Brisbane. On a previous visit I gave him the MineralMudPak and MineralSoak sent for his learned appraisal. Chris has formed the opinion that the poultice is infinitely superior to both the Swell down and Uptite products that are available here. Applied to the ankles of a two year old “feeling the hard tracks” and on an older horse’s knees and tendons subjected to “wear and tear”, the results impressed Chris enough to remark on the cooling properties of the poultice and in his words, “sucked the joints down real tight”. He is also adding the Mineral Soak in small amounts to his hydro ice boots on a daily basis and he believes this is hugely beneficial. I am positive there is no alike product to rival MineralSoak and MineralMudPak available in this part of the world. (Australia)

Best regards,

Kerry Jordon
Race Horse Trainer


I had swollen feet and ankles after an 12 mile hike and a sore shoulder from my Backpack the first day out. I used the MineralMud on those areas before I went to sleep that night and by morning the swelling and my soreness were gone. I felt great. This should be in everyone backpack for relieve on the trail….

Maggie Crown, Ohio


I used the [MineralMudPak] dead sea poultice on my horse with a Torn Suspensory. I have wrapped and poultice it regularly with other products and little results. America’s Acres [MineralMudPak] poultice reduced the swelling overnight; it was noticeably less swollen and less hot than with other brands of poultice.

So now whenever he does something stupid in the field causing minor swelling, I just put this on and the swelling is gone overnight. Even my vet said she was going to order some after seeing his leg!

Suzanne, Leesburg, VA


I tried this product with a great deal of skepticism. Traditionally I do not use the ‘all natural’ products. Being a firm believer in the “if it smells good, tastes good or looks good, it can’t possibly work” theory I have always used more chemically created products. My weanling colt’s knee had a hard swelling injury. My Vet felt it was joint fluid probably stressing the joint … I was looking at a one or two months of lay up at least per my Vet. The vet suggested that I start wrapping the knee with DMSO straight away if I wanted the swelling to be gone by September 6, the show’s date. This colt is especially full of himself with a ton of that ‘show horse flare’ us Saddlebred people look for. I knew he wouldn’t wear the wrap for a full 24 hours, regardless of how creative I was. I applied the MineralMudPak™ faithfully without wrap everyday & in 3 weeks the swelling was gone. The best part is that it is an effective treatment yet I didn’t need to wrap! He’ll still make the show, and DMSO with wraps weren’t needed. I tried your product on my face … it drew the impurities out … also tightened up my skin (ladies battling wrinkles & lack of firmness this is your product.) My face was firm almost tight…. I know I will be buying the MineralMudPak™ in the future, whether to keep an old horse up, or to keep a young horse fresh and tight.

April V. – Ohio


Hi, I met a sales rep at Denver Mart and he gave me a jar [of the MineralMudPak]. We have given it the test the last 3 weeks – 4 rodeo runs a week. The mud is great and several people have asked about it. This is an item that the Rodeo world needs.

Courtney Ford
Kersey, CO, United States

Protected Equine® Antibacterial Scrub / Shampoo

We are using the [Protected Equine] Anti Bacterial Scrub product for over 1 year now and have had great results, prior to this we had tried numerous creams and ointments but this is by far the best we have ever used. I would recommend it very highly…

Jimmy Hyland, Kildangan Stud
Monasterevan, Co.Kildare, Ireland


Wanted to let you know the Protected Equine Antibacterial shampoo works very well. I live in the northeast and the mud is bad during the Spring/Fall. Your Shampoo is the only one we ever used that we can say Really WORKS !!! and we tried them all over the years. I have even sent bottles to friends that live in PA. and Michigan where the mud and Scratches are a big problem. Great Stuff.

Can you send me more info on your other products.

Jade M.
Sky Hill Training Center, MA


Great Product, no kidding I had a horse that was struggling with rainrot on his whole body and I of course was treating it with competitor products (Microtek, Fungasol , MTG) but it was an uphill battle. I gave him one bath with your [Protected Equine] Antibacterial Shampoo, let him soak, gently got the scabs off and the NEXT DAY the Rain Rot was gone and has stayed gone. He had it from his neck, across his back, down to his hocks and legs. It was all gone except for a spot the size of a half dollar on his flank which I must have missed. Treated that little spot, and now we are done.

I then gave my other horses baths with the Protected Equine Scrub before putting their blankets on for the winter just to be sure I wasn’t going to contaminate my blankets, it’s been a wet, wet fall here in Virginia but now I am prepared! There’s no going back to the products available in the local tack shop after seeing this with my own eyes.

Suzanne, Briar Creek Farm, Leesburg, VA


Once again I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your product. When show season is here I use it all the time. I am surprised I have not used it up!!!! And it has come in handy when the barn dog has rolled in a nasty something!! Thank you again.

Thanks Again,

Linda P.


I have tried 3 other antibacterial shampoos on my horses’ skin disorder and none have worked. The Protected Equine [Antibacterial Scrub / Shampoo] worked within two days, it’s a good product, reasonably priced and it smells great. My horses thank you for a great scratch’s shampoo that really works!

Kyla A.

Pump ‘N Scrub™ Brush

Wanted to let you know the Pump ‘N Scrub Brush has made clean spots and grooming my horse much easier and I don’t waste shampoo. Very clever of you to put the shampoo in the brush, good job.

Maggie M.

Sōa™ + ITCH Be Gone™ Bar Soap

This Soa Soap is Magic Bar of  Soap for horses with insect problems  and Sweet Itch. The only product that has worked for all of our horses including my friends horses. we have tried them all when you live in FL.                     Kelly Martinez,  FL 


This Soa soap is the only thing that stop my two dogs from itching and we tried everything.

I tell everyone I meet about this soap when they mention they are having problems with their dogs. Can this soap be used on People?

Carol Miles, Mississippi

My kids call this Soa Soap MAGIC SOAP as it cured our 2 dogs from itching. 

Maria Levine, CA

I have been using your Soap Itch soap for pets on my psoriasis and it worked amazingly.

My wife laughs at me but she stop laughing when she saw the great results I am having. Do you mad e a Soa bar for people?

Conner Cohen, NC


It’s about time someone has come up with a [in]expensive way to treat Hives on horses. Nothing ever worked and we were calling our Vet to come out and give the horses Cortisone Shots $$$$.

Thanks for a good working product and helping my working farm that’s on tight budgets.

Emily Miles, NC


I have been meaning to send this note to you for a while to let you know we appreciate your products.

We have been using your Bandages for a while in our breeding barn. When we received the email regarding the New SOA Itch Soap you must have been reading my mind. We have a number of skin disorders that travel through the barn during the spring and summer. Well this SOA soap works really well.

We had a mare with Hives on her side and back when she came in from the pasture . She was rubbing and leaning on the box stall wall so hard we could see she was going to hurt herself.

Lucky for us we had a bar of your soap (SOA+ Itch BE Gone) we just purchased last month. We washed her and let the suds stay on her for about 5 minuets then rinsed her.

By time we finished rinsing her she stopped itching and rub on the wall of her stall. I mean in 20 minutes she STOPPED RUBBING on everything is sight.

When I when to check the horses before bed about 4 hours later, the hives on this mare were almost gone. By morning she was clean, no hives.

You folks make very good products we always look to your web site first before buying supplies for our barn.

Keep use on your mailing list.


Roger Smith, MO



Quick note to let you know your SOA Bar Soap works very very well.

One of my Dressage Horse’s had a skin rash on his back and hock. I washed him one time with the SOA Soap any he stopped rubbing and rolling after the treatment bath. By morning the rash was completely cleared up. I have been battling this issue on and off for awhile with other products and having no luck.

You now have our attention and we will try the other Protected Equine products you offer.

Please send us a Catalog of all your products and the tack stores near us that carry your products.

Thank You,

Mary Smith, Lancaster, PA



Your SOA Bar Soap is good stuff. It cured my pony’s is problem. Now everyone in my riding club is using the soap on their horses. Can you send us 6 of your catalogs and a Tack Shop or equine catalog near us that sells your products.

Sadie Windberg, OR


I think it is important for you folks to know about what happened when I used your soap

I was Leary on spending the money on the SOA Itch soap since nothing else has worked.

But your (SOA) Soap did the trick. It solved my old mare Katie’s skin problem in 1 days, and two baths.

My Vet and I could not figure out want was going on with my mare and we tried everything under the sun over the past 2 months. After seeing the good results on her I have been using this soap on my skin problem with success. Great product!

Now I have a (SOA) Bar in the barn and house all the time from this point on.

You will be hearing from my Vet soon as he was that impressed and wants to keep it on his truck.

Please send me your catalog and a list of store that sell your items near me.

God Bless,

Wanda Parker, Lincoln, NE

Up-Right® Anti-CAST Safety Strip

I wanted to drop you a quick note of what happened at my barn last night.

The Upright Strips are the best investment I have made for my 6 horses. I stood in the barn last night by myself  after hearing one of them thrashing. By time I was ready to get in the stall to help the mare used the Strips and was on her feet. Great safety item that I would not live without.  Thanks, Morgan Freeman


We [at Kildangan Stud] have installed the [Up-Right] Anti-Cast Rails [at Kildangan Stud] in some high profile stalls and thankfully we have not experienced any injuries from horses getting cast since their installation.

Jimmy Hyland, Kildangan Stud
Monasterevan, Co.Kildare, Ireland


While this is a business letter, I just have to take a moment and comment on your products! We installed the [Up-Right] Anti-Casting Strips in one of our run-ins last year after our best weanling managed to cast herself five times in the space of 3 months! I’m happy to report we haven’t found her down and cast even once since then! (and we are once again sleeping through the night)

Lindsay B.


We installed the Anti Cast Safety Strips in the summer of 2008 in our boxes on the horses in training farm. Since then we have had horses cast and with the assistance of the Strips they were able to get to their feet unaided and uninjured in any way. We would have no problem recommending them to anyone in the business.

James Kelly, Racing Manager to Lady O’Reilly


The Up-Right Strips are a great addition to our barn. They are like the seat belts in my car. I hope my horse never has to us them, but if she is CAST they will help save her from injury or loss of life! I rest assured knowing she can help herself if she is CAST and no one is in the barn, thanks.

Wes T.


We had the Anti Cast Strips put in to a number of boxes and had one horse who was getting Cast twice a week and since we installed it, we now have peace of mind.

Paddy Aspell, Stud Manager Ardenode Stud


A number of my horses have been Cast and Injured in years past. The [Up-Right] Strips are a great addition to our barn. After installing the Strips we have had horses Cast and get to their feet on their own with No Injuries !!! I rest assured knowing that they can help themselves if Cast even with no one in the barn to help them.


Barbara W.


We put the Anti Cast Strips in and have had horses Cast since and got out unaided. Great job.

Eugene McDermott, Kenny Court Stud


**** A few more Farms & Studs that have the Up-Right Strips installed ****

Derrinstown Stud (Shadwell, Ireland)
Coolmore Stud (Ireland)
Darley Stud (Ireland)
Airlie Stud (Ireland)
Ardenode Stud (Ireland)
Kennycourt Stud (Ireland)

Veterinary Bandage Supplies

We use a lot of bandages day in and out at our farm. Yours are # 1 in quality compared to anything on the market. Whoever came up with the Easy Tear Bandages Needs A Pay Raise and BIG Bonus. Great Job.

Terry S.
TB Breeding & Training Farm, OH


The vet trauma pack bandages we purchased have come in handy. It has helped us in the barn treat horses and people. The Safe wrap and other tapes are a much better quality then any other bandages we have used in the past 16 years.

Thanks for sending more info on your safety products. The packs are now in the barn and every trailer and trucks. The Up-Right strips look like a product we should all add to our barns.


Clair M.
Far View Farm
Hickory, NC

Wound and Trauma Bandage Pak

I wanted to let you know your Wound & Trauma Bandage Pack came in very handy last week. We were shipping a horse in our trailer and got cut off the road by a large truck. My horse fell to his knees and was cut up bad. The wound packs Saved the day. We were able to get to the Vet Clinic without a lot of blood loss.

I tell everyone this is a must have item in your trailer, truck and barn Thanks for a great product. Please send more info on your other safety products.

Sarah Smith
Fort Worth, Texas


Thank-you ever so much for the instructions; my horses thank you, too! Your Wound and Trauma Bandage Pack looks very interesting. I’ll have to read more about it. Might be a good thing to carry with me on trail rides.

Have a Great Day!