HW 95 Power Sprayer & Foam Attachment

HW95 Power SprayerThe HW 95 Heavy Duty Commercial Power Sprayer is an easy convenient way of washing, rinsing, or disinfecting. No job is too large or small. Use with hot or cold water. Can be used with liquid detergents, soaps, disinfectants, shampoos, degreasers and sanitizers.

With the HW 95 Power Sprayer you can wash, shampoo, sanitize and disinfect:

  • Workshops, Machine Shops, Industrial and Commercial Areas
  • Shower Rooms, Restrooms, Kitchens, and Food Preparation Areas
  • Animal Cages, Kennels, Barns, Stalls, Trailers, and Dairy Equipment
  • And Much More

Degrease machinery and engines, wash trucks, motorcycles, cars, and ATVs. Giving large and small animal baths has never been easier.


  • ½ Gallon Adjustable Multi-ratio Solution Container
  • Foam Adapter for Disinfecting, Degreasing, Washing or Cleaning When Foam is Desired to Increase Surface Contact Time.
  • Deflector Attachment for Non-Foaming Fan Spray Patterns

HW 95 Power Sprayer & Foam Attachment — $94.95

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