Veterinarian Bandage Supplies

Vet Bandage SuppliesDeveloped Using the Latest Technology to Improve Quality, Performance & Give You “Results That Matter”

We researched, designed and addressed many bandaging problems that we all encounter every day and have developed a number of helpful safety features to control many problematic bandaging situations. This is the first time our bandage supplies have been offered to the general public. They have been used in vet and human hospitals and clinics.

Vet Bandage Supplies Features:

  • Woven Cotton Design Bandages & Tapes
  • Non-Slip Compression Support Bandages
  • Two Tapes that Easily Tear by Hand in Any Direction & are Very Comfortable to Wear
  • 70% Better Air Flow Than Any Other Bandages or Tapes on the Market Today
  • Help Reduce Edema Build-Up

Veterinarian Bandage Supplies Contains:

  • 10 Complete Wound & Trauma Packs™
  • 12 Pro Safe Wrap™ Self-Adherent Tapes
  • 12 Pro Equine Lightweight Adhesive Conforming Tapes
  • 8 Pro Equine Heavyweight Stretch Tapes
Veterinarian Bandage Supplies - $549.00

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